The Grooming Gypsy Witch.

I am free in my wilderness, I am a wanderess. I belong to no man and no city.

I am a Groomer, with a vision… I am a witch, for a reason…

I get bored easy… I love my job, I love my hobbies and my home… but the fact is, I get extremely bored. Extremely easy… I have been in the pet grooming industry almost 10 years.. it is an interesting and unpredictable job. One I enjoy immensely but have grown to find it as more and more of a “job” instead of an enjoyable way to spend the next 50-ish years… Im tired. Things, as much as they are never the same, have become repetitive. I feel like “I’ve seen it all”- even though I am positive I have not.

When I’m not grooming, I am witching. In whatever form I choose on any given day.. sometimes I’m reading, sometimes I’m writing, other times I’m in my Garden or The Woods, finding handy plants and balance (both spiritual, mental and physical). Its a great way of healing for someone who refuses to go to doctors! 🤣

But my Spirit is calling for SO.MUCH.MORE…

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